Tanya de Paor


Tanya de Paor is a visual artist, researcher and educator. She is currently a doctoral candidate in studio practice-based art at Burren College of Art and NUI Galway. Her research focus is on artistic responses to think through embodied experiences of current complex and paradoxical ecological issues. Her practice operates across human temporal and spatial scales. It explores being at home in the world in an everyday sense. It imagines fables from the perspective of the other and seeks to bring into dialogue what it means to be in the world in a playful way. Her studio practice involves traditional art methods, installation, drawing, lens based media, fibre art and socially engaged participation.

Artist statement

My practice is focused on the role of artists to generate cultural spaces and creative pedagogies to think through the paradoxes and complexities of the current ecological crisis. The Anthropocene hypothesis, the contested name for the current period, translates as the Age of Man. It situates humans as a geomorphic force, who have affected negative, irreversible changes on the planet. My practice seeks to open up spaces for collective transformational thinking. Cultivating an ecological worldview to think through the dense lattices of interrelated cultural, ecological and political issues is one of the many urgencies facing humans and more-than human entitles today.

Contemporary art, relational practices and Sf – science fiction, science fact and speculative fable making are deployed across my practice to playfully co create visual and poetic stories to imagine a future of living together for mutual benefit. Albrecht (2019) defines this era after the Anthropocene as the Symbiocene.

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