Raku Workhop with Bernadette Tuite

Raku Workhop led by Bernadette Tuite with Catherin Callanan.
Sunday 7th July & Sunday 28th July

This workshop is divided into two sessions spread across two weeks to account for the drying and firing time necessary in the raku process. On Day One participants will hand-build their pieces under the expert tuition of ceramic artist Bernadette Tuite, ready for drying and bisque firing. Raku firing takes place on Day Two; this will be a fun and very hands-on day with the smoke and alchemy of the kiln. After glazing the pieces, they will be fired in the raku kiln up to 950c. They will be taken out while red hot and placed in bins lined with saw dust, creating amazing metallic colours and smoke effects on the work. Day Two will conclude with the finishing processes for your Raku piece and a group chat about the process and its magical effects on your own creation now ready to take home.

Raku firing is a centuries-old ceramic technique characterised by lustrous visual effects that are spontaneous and unrepeatable. A wonderful creative dialogue between the artist, clay and fire. The term raku is of Japanese origin and means “joy”, “happiness”, “glory of the day” and is closely related to the philosophy of Zen-Buddhism.

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