Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly is a visual artist and PhD candidate at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin. Her work is housed in the public collections of The National Gallery of Ireland, The Crawford Art Gallery, University College Cork, The Jyväskylä Museum of Art, Finland & Swansea University, UK. She is currently working toward a solo exhibition at the RHA Dublin, 2023. Kelly’s current research within contemporary narrative of land use is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland (2021).

iFiona Kelly the great heapFiona Kelly the great heap
iFiona Kelly A Temporary IterationFiona Kelly A Temporary Iteration
iKelly Fiona Homing 2020Kelly Fiona Homing 2020

Fiona Kelly makes sculptural objects and printed matter with the aid of her foraged, ever-expanding archive of waste. This archive holds a compendium of debris; its natural and manmade constituents are altered and arranged to narrate human interactions with land and a demarcation of time

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