Myfanwy Frost-Jones

Myfanwy Frost-Jones is an artist and oyster farmer, a gardener and goat-keeper, from the West of Ireland. A recent graduate from The Crawford College of Art, her moving image work has already won a number of awards. Passionate about environmental sustainability, biodiversity, food security and local food networks she sustains a growing eco-social art practice using text, objects, photography and video in the wild landscape of the Beara Penninsula to explore personal histories of invasion, famine and colonization, interrogating the human/nature relationship of industry within the countryside whilst observing the constant changes inherent in a working landscape. She was selected as the inaugural awardee of the NSF’s three month bursary for a graduate of The Crawford College of Art and Design Cork for Fine Art.



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Artist statement

As an artist and oyster farmer based in the West of Ireland, my work examines the complicated relationships between land, landscape and ecology in a rural space. Layering conflicting histories of colonialism and invasion with current issues of biodiversity and coastal erosion, I work with photography and moving image installation. Text features in my work to create narrative and reference. Embracing the sublime, my work investigates the allure of the rural landscape whilst acknowledging the dark histories of the past. Creating an immersive experience, linking the many pasts with the present within the landscape, gives insight into the realities and expectations of land and sustainability in the Irish rural environment.

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