Evgeniya Martirosyan

Evgeniya Martirosyan is a Cork based artist, current member of Cork Artist Collective. Martirosyan graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016, receiving a number of awards, including residencies at Sample-Studios and The National Sculpture Factory, and exhibition awards at Cork Film Centre and TACTIC Gallery. Since graduating Evgeniya has received the 2018 VAI Residency Award at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and individual bursary awards from Cork City Council Arts Office and The Arts Council of Ireland. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally including: ‘Focal Point’, selected group exhibition with Steneby Konsthall, Sweden, 2020; ‘Under Your Skin’, solo show, The LAB Gallery, Dublin, 2020; ‘Under Your Skin’, solo show, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, 2019; ‘MUTATIO’, group exhibition, Art Laboratory Pink Grig, Moscow, 2019. ‘Monumental/Temporal’, PRAKSIS, Norway, 2018. Her recent work ‘Chrysalis‘ (2021) has been acquired by National Collection at Crawford Art Gallery.

iEvgeniya Martirosyan Chrysalis
iEvgeniya Martirosyan Under Your SkinEvgeniya Martirosyan Under Your Skin
iEvgeniya Martirosyan To AshesEvgeniya Martirosyan To Ashes

Martirosyan’s current body of work stems from her interest in science and philosophy and represents an intuitive response to concepts of time, matter, chaos and transformation. Working with elemental materials and using a broad range of techniques, she explores the poetic possibilities of the fluid and constantly shifting state of things.

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