Eimear Walshe

Eimear Walshe is an artist, writer, and educator from Longford. Their practice is based on research in fiscal and sexual economies and histories, working to reconcile the aesthetics, values and tastes of their queer and rural subjectivity in the production of sculpture, publishing, performances, and lectures. Walshe lives and works in county Longford. Recent projects and presentations include a Platform Commission for the 39th EVA International; The Department of Sexual Revolution Studies, Van Abbemuseum / Design Academy Eindhoven (2018); Miraculous Thirst: How to get off in days of deprivation, curated by Daniel Bermingham, Galway Arts Centre (2018); and Separatist Tendencies for The Deviant Programme, Van Abbemuseum (2017).





The Land for the People: The Sexual Case for Land Reform in Ireland.
Now in its second edition The Land form the People was commissioned by the National Sculpture Factory on the occasion of the lighting of a neon sign reading The Land for the People, also commissioned by the NSF, launched on 21st June 2021 and both were created and designed by Irish artist Eimear Walshe. The Neon commission draws upon Eimear’s research in 19th and early 20th century land contestation in Ireland, and its significance in the contemporary era. The project is a continuation of a theme in Walshe’s work which prompts re-imagining land ownership and land use in Ireland.

The publication/workbook by Walshe highlights the relevance of 19th century land conflict in the present day. The pamphlet presents a series of challenges to members of Irish society through accessible exercises on themes including inheritance, displacement, community organising, and revenge.


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