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The National Sculpture Factory is a place of production; a place where artworks are always becoming, we are interested not simply in the finished artworks themselves but the disparate origins of ideas that spur artists to make what they make. To this end we continue to investigate the most significant discourses across the broadest range of practices that further conversation about the artwork generated through our NSF programme.


These educational strands are designed to augment our understanding of what we understand by the term ‘sculpture’ in its most expanded form and to develop the extraordinary art practices we support through our artist’s projects and Factory floor engagement. These educational strands can be incredibly inclusive working with practicing artists, curators, academics, writers, across viusal art but we also fold in discourses and practices from other art disciplines.


Lectures, presentations and other educational strands can come in many formats; public and online lectures, masterclasses, conferences, workshops, tours and sometimes longer-term projects. Each strand has its own set of outputs. All are recorded in some form and are stored in our NSF library and for limited periods our lecture can be found on our website, to be viewed once again, replete with closed captions.

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