Per Cent Commissions

Managing Public Art Commissions


National Sculpture Factory (NSF) advises on and manages the processes around commissioning art in the public realm, including Percent for Art Schemes on behalf of local authorities, Government departments, schools, as well as public and private clients and is of strategic importance both nationally and internationally. NSF specialises in the provision of resources to artists to conceptualise, produce and create new artworks alongside creating the critical context for the reception and understanding of dynamic new art practices.


As a national organisation with an international profile, National Sculpture Factory specialises in creating new opportunities for artists. We initiate new artistic partnerships and set a standard as a commissioning body for both the framework of commissioning and the artworks produced.


Engaging with the NSF to support the commissioning process guarantees that each commission is bespoke and delivers ambitious artwork to the highest standards. Our well established and extensive network of artists allows clients to access the most contemporary and cutting edge artists producing artworks today.


Our robust commissioning processes, and organisational expertise, enables us to consider a broad range of sites, contexts, scales and budgets. We have, over the years, invited artists to respond to dramatic architectural sites, cultural and historic locations and contexts through the commissioning process resulting in a broad range of artistic outcomes from permanent public realm sculptures, temporary public interventions, multi-media installations, and performances and one-off cross-disciplinary projects.


Commissioning administration includes the following:


  • Artists’ brief development in collaboration with the client
  • Commission administration
  • Coordination of site visit
  • Liaising with artists
  • Coordination of all submissions
  •  Coordinating jury meeting
  • Chairing jury meeting
  • Contract advice


For further information or to discuss the above in more detail please contact: