About Us

National Sculpture Factory, situated in Cork, focuses on cultural enterprise, art production, public engagement, and discourse. We provide space, facilities, training and practical support for artists to explore and develop new ways of working; expertise and processes to organisations wishing to commission public art; and a platform and programme in our community to seed debate. We are a factory for the art of the future. 

iCork Midsummer Festival 2019 // Photograph by Jed Niezgoda _ www.venividi.ie
Seoidín O’Sullivan NSF
Patrick Hough The Two Faces of Tomorrow Premiere

As an independent, albeit publicly funded, organisation, National Sculpture Factory commissions numerous works as a way of providing new opportunities for artists. These include: works by performance artists, multi-media works at dramatic architectural sites, and temporary public art interventions examining specific issues. As well as the commissioning of public sculptures, NSF also stages conferences, lecture series workshops that examine the issues affecting both artists and their audiences alike.