Seiko Hayase

Seiko Hayase, born in Japan. She is based in Mallow, Co. Cork since 2018. She lived in Marseille, France after she graduated from Nagoya University of Arts. She is researching hidden emotions, what they are and how they look like, sharing it with her audience to stimulate a response – and in herself too, not bound to specific materials. At the same time, she also tries to find a socially engaged voice in her artwork. She is working in Sample-Studios, and National Sculpture Factory. She currently has a Solo Exhibition World In Between, GOMA gallery Waterford until 30th April 2022.

iSeiko Hayase - National Sculpture Factory - Cork, Ireland - 2021 / Photograph Jed NiezgodaSeiko Hayase - National Sculpture Factory - Cork, Ireland - 2021 / Photograph Jed Niezgoda
Artist statement

“World In-Between”: Ordinary and extraordinary, pain and happiness, light and shadow, life and death. I feel that at any time there are two conflicting beings in the world, and there is a “World In-Between” the two. Things taught by society from a young age can be perceived differently, with different values, by different people. Some feelings only my present self can feel, some views only my present self can see. I want to express those and share them with a stranger who lives in the opposite time, art is my connector with society.

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