Siobhán Joyce

Siobhán Joyce (b. 1986) is an Irish artist based in the Blackwater valley of county Waterford in Ireland. She graduated from the Limerick School of Art & Design in 2008 and gained extensive experience working throughout Europe. In 2022, Siobhán returned to Ireland with the intention of reconnecting with and drawing inspiration from the diverse rural landscapes that she grew up in. Mostly self-taught, the artist has built a repertoire of traditional techniques, gaining proficiency in handling natural materials and applying these abilities within a contemporary art sensibility. Her sculpture and ceramic works are rooted in her family’s stonemasonry heritage, an interest in ecological building processes and the rich cultural history embedded within local raw materials. Siobhán Joyce aspires to engage audiences with the rich cultural heritage and natural resources of Ireland explored through her art practice.


My art practice is rooted in a creative partnership forged with the vast eco- and geological forces that abound in the south of Ireland, where I reside and create. I aim to capture the complexity of this relationship, showcasing the beauty and fragility as well as the resilience and adaptability of the natural world. Central to my process lies an ecological material inquiry that combines artistic fieldwork, material research, outdoor and indoor studio work. Each body of work develops as new ways to explore ecological matter, colours and textures emerge and inspire. By employing traditional techniques that embrace the cultural heritage embedded within these natural resources, my work invites contemplation about our intrinsic links to our environment.

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