Ailbhe Wakefield Drohan

Ailbhe is an artist from Dublin based in Limerick city.  She recently graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design with first class honours in her degree. Ailbhe is now working for EVA International: Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art while continuing her studio practice in the National Sculpture Factory.


Ailbhe was awarded a three month residency by the NSF for a graduate of TUS, Limerick School of Art & Design in Sculpture and Combined Media in 2022.

iLSAD, SCM grad show 2022
iLSAD, SCM grad show 2022
Artist Statement

A, R and B are large format drawings that materialise structurally in; found wood, screws, and bolts. These containers/environments contemplate Platonic Theory of Form in their assemblage as lines of suggestion. Ambivalence is a trait of the set seen through methods of construction and within their negotiation of the surrounding space. This inquires into both contradiction and paradox through the personification of space, or the pursuit of such. Informed by the architectural folly, these drawings situate themselves on a line between inside and outside that demonstrates the possibility of strength in precarity or perhaps the precarity in strength.

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