Corban Walker


Corban Walker (b. 1967, Dublin, Ireland) gained recognition for his installations, sculptures, and drawings that relate to perceptions of scale and architectural constructs. His local, cultural, and specific philosophies of scale are fundamental to how he defines and develops his work, creating new means for viewers to interact with and navigate their surroundings. Walker represented Ireland at the 54th Venice International Art Biennale in 2011. He received the Pollock Krasner Award in 2015 Corban spent 12 years based in New York, where he was represented by Pace Gallery. Since his return to Europe in 2017, he has worked with many cultural institutions that have exhibited his installations across the continent. The Crawford Art Gallery in Cork will present a survey of his work in October, 2022.

Artist statement

Navigating a “conditioned” site from a conditioned stature (Achondroplasia) and from a height of 129 centimeters, brings a re-evaluation of scale to a wider audience, in an installation or sculpture. I combine an organization of rules with my physical orientation. The mathematical rules analyze such variables in condensed formations, while deliberately stretching the capacity of assemblage and one’s perspective. Contrasting my experience, with other people’s belief of what is considered a ‘correct proportion and measure’, through a minimalist approach, I aim to introduce new ideas to that environment. I convey a perception of scale, known as “corbanscale”.

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