Anne Marie Deacy

Anne Marie Deacy is a sound artist and field recordist based in Co. Galway. Her focus lies in the creation of work that challenges our auditory perception, activating our senses and creating sonic dialogues that open us up to other ways of experiencing and connecting with the world around us. This is articulated through installation, composition, radio art, sonic publication, interactive collective participatory sound experiences/walks and performance. Her work has been showcased locally and internationally. She has been kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Creative Ireland, Galway County Arts Office and Galway City Arts Office.

iAnne Marie Deacy Recording Grotto PyreneesAnne Marie Deacy Recording Grotto Pyrenees
iAnne Marie Deacy SoundcardAnne Marie Deacy Soundcard
iGIAF Anne Marie Deacy Photo Credit Emilija JefremovaGIAF Anne Marie Deacy Photo Credit Emilija Jefremova
Artist Statement

The politics and power of sound, the act of listening, research on sonic perception and the sculptural qualities of sound are themes that permeate my work. I am currently exploring the materialty of sound by analysing and recording the frequencies of various materials. This research involving the science of acoustic resonance, philosophies around vibration and the creation of multi channel compositions, will inform the making of a series of sound sculptures for installation and exhibition in late 2023. It has been invaluable to have a studio in the National Sculpture Factory. Being there has enabled me to expand on the scope of my work not only in its physicality but also when one is in such a nurturing environment, where anything is possible it really aids in opening oneself up to huge creative possibilities.

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