Welcome to National Sculpture Factory’s Visitor’s Access Guide. We have written this guide to help make your visit to National Sculpture Factory as relaxed and easy as possible. We hope it covers what you will need to know, but you are also very welcome to contact us to discuss your access needs or ask any other questions. Email us at or call us on 021 4314353 to speak to a member of staff.


Where are we? National Sculpture Factory is located on Albert Road, opposite the Elysian Tower at the start of the South City Link Road, Cork. Our building looks like this:

When are we open?

The Factory is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am–5pm. However, it is always a good idea to check before you visit. The easiest way to find out if we are available to host a visit is to phone or email in advance. You can email us on, or call us on 021 4314 353 to speak to a member of staff. We also open at other times for special events such as Culture Night or Heritage Day. You can find out what’s on, and whether you need to book by visiting the Events page of our website.


COVID and access

Though you are very welcome to, we are not currently asking visitors to wear a mask when they visit the Factory. There is one large door on the front of our building. The Factory entrance is the door which is set back about 90cm from the corner. We have a small ramp inside the building so if you require assistance, please just press the buzzer, which you will find on the wall on the left of the door, and a member of staff will come and help. Once you are inside the Factory there are no more steps (with the exception of our mezzanine area that is accessed by stairs). In the interest of security, the door is locked even if the Factory is open, but people are working inside. If you have a question or would like to talk to someone just press the buzzer and a member of staff will come to the door to help.

What’s it like inside?

To help you orientate yourself here is a floor plan National Sculpture Factory is in an industrial warehouse, so you walk straight into a large, airy industrial space with a high ceiling. This is the Factory. It is lit by halogen lights. There is also a lot of natural light coming in from the roof and the windows. On immediate entry to the Factory you will see our mezzanine area that houses our meeting room, technical manager’s office and canteen.



  • As you look forward, towards the back of the building, you will see two roller doors (one large, one small). To the right of these doors is a white block that houses two toilets – one of them is wheelchair accessible. Both toilets are gender neutral.
  • Our tool shed shed is also located in this block.
  • Hand sanitisers are located throughout the building and masks are available from any member of staff, on request.
  • Our mezzanine: You’ll usually see tables and chairs in there and you are welcome to sit down, relax and take some
    quiet time



How can we help?

We want everyone to have a positive experience when they visit National Sculpture Factory, so if you have any other questions, or suggestions for how we could improve this guide or make the factory more accessible, please email us on or call us on 021 4314353 to speak to a member of staff and we will be happy to help.

  • National Sculpture Factory, building and offices, are both very old structures; therefore, they are not fully wheelchair accessible.
  • If you would like assistance planning your visit, or if you have special accommodations, please call us on 021 4314353 or email to discuss.
  • Guide dogs are welcome.
  • Parking is available to the rear of the Factory, for taxis and wheelchair users, on request.
  • We will endeavour to make your visit as welcoming and comfortable as possible.