Loquium; a new online lecture series

The National Sculpture Factory is a place of production; a place where artworks are always becoming, we are interested here not simply in the finished artworks themselves but the disparate origins of ideas that spur artists to make what they make.

Loquium is a new online lecture series looking at the materialised forms of sculptural practices and the knowledge they produce. We hope to delve into the differences in artistic material enquiry and its material possibilities. We look to develop a new vocabulary to engage in discourses around how these sculptural enquiries lead into unknowable territories and spaces of not knowing where often the artistic research is not separable from the art itself and how artists themselves bring new thinking into the world that is often beyond traditional academic understanding.

This series is free for all. These talks will take place on Zoom, so we recommend downloading/updating your app ahead of time to prevent delays in joining the webinar. There with be time allocated at the end of each presentation for Q+A with our online audience.

a field of multiple destructions – A Lecture By Fiona Kelly

Thursday 3rd September 2020 1pm

Robots, Spiral Galaxies and Origami – a Lecture by Alex Pentek

Thursday 27th August 2020 1pm

“(Who knows how?)”  – A lecture by Maud Cotter

Thursday 6th August  2020

Authenticity Matters  –  by James L Hayes

Thursday 30th July 2020