National Sculpture Factory


20th August 2009

The Alibi Of Use

The Alibi Of Use is an interview conducted on 20th August 2009 between Architect Tom dePaor and David Dobz O’Brien, Programmes Manager at the National Sculpture Factory. This interview was held over the course of one afternoon and approaches all subjects relating to the conception, designing and installation of the ‘Van’, (Mezzanine above the factory floor), in 1999/2000, and explores the relevance of his time in the National Sculpture Factory and how it influenced his thinking and practice. 

In The Alibi of Use Tom De paor kindly allows us into his architectural world and with generous spirit evokes the importance of ‘good form’ and the ‘language of making’ and how his mezzanine can be seen simply as just ‘services’. De Paor designed and built the mezzanine extension in the National Sculpture Factory floor in 1999/2000, now an award-winning structure in the history of Cork Architecture. This interview was a moment of reflection, nearly 10 years on from its conception and construction.


We would like to thank Tom for giving of his time and his in-comparable wisdom; Tom dePaor Architects for showing me the workings of a modern architectural firm; Rob Foster for his patience and editing skills; Chris Hurley of the Cork Film centre for his technical know how.  

Edited by David Dobz O’Brien and Robert Foster.