Online and Onsite Exhibition



Loading Bay

Loading Bay is a webpage for writing by artists, an online dock – a space of exchange. Curated by Frank Wasser, the commissions collectively convey the materiality of language by teasing out a deft register of content and forms.


The title of this project positions an online analogue of the National Sculpture Factory’s loading bay. Loading bays are commonly encountered in factories, commercial units and industrial structures. Functioning as integral parts of a facility, they serve the purpose of providing entry points to staging areas, sites of production, storage rooms, and in this instance, art works.


These commissions offer artists the space to consider and act upon the implications of writing as a sculptural form. The inaugural commissioned artists are Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Francis Whorrall-Campbell, Oisín Byrne, Kelly Lloyd and Frank Wasser.


Loading Bay launch exhibition will run onsite at the National Sculpture Factory from June 23rd – June 24th 2023. Opening reception: June 23rd 18:00, followed by live performances, launch party and drinks reception at 21:00


You can view/download the commissions by clicking on the buttons below:

Joseph Noonan-Ganley: UBIOB, 2023

Francis Whorrall-Campbell: What Gives, 2023

Oisín Byrne: A PAIXĀO, 2023

Kelly Lloyd: /saıt/, 2023

Frank Wasser: In Factotum, 2023