National Sculpture Factory


16th June 2023

Boa Morte

Live from the National Sculpture Factory we present a one-off summer event, a unique opportunity to experience Cork band Boa Morte perform from the Factory floor, playing songs from their back catalogue including work from their acclaimed recent album The Total Space.
Come and encounter the weirdly wonderful collision of Boa Morte’s ambient, slowcore, lo-fi melancholia in the unique atmospheric surroundings of the old Victorian tramway that is the NSF.

The latest album from Boa Morte ‘The Total Space’ (Gare du Nord Records, UK) sees the band edge deeper into the woods of ambient, drone and synthesised sound with little to guide them but their innate melodic compass and instinct for unorthodox song.
An open-ended recording process allowed home-studio, band-room and attic recordings to complement core recordings from Black Mountain studios. Often unable to meet in-person the band bounced ideas around on laptop platforms; outros and intros took shape, evolving over time, and whole song segments were overhauled or even deleted. The results: a collection of the best Boa Morte songs to date; songs that gently envelop drones, melodic interludes and found-sounds, often within the same track.

‘replete with moments of quiet magic and hushed beauty’ (The Examiner)
‘a full-on excursion into the folkier side of ambient. What it boils down to is their best album to date’ (No More Workhorse)

Drinks reception included, kindly sponsored by Kinnegar Brewing.