National Sculpture Factory


15th—16th October 2022

Pâte de Verre workshop with Sophie Longwill

In this two day masterclass students learnt how to translate their ideas into paper-thin glass using methods inspired by the ancient technique of pâte de verre (glass paste); experimenting with different tools and processes to add texture, pattern and surface details using finely ground glass powders to create unique and delicate artwork.


  • Mould making and casting
  • Kiln schedules and programming for firing and slumping
  • Mixing glass powders to create a unique palette of colours
  • Powder printing using found objects and handmade stencils
  • Casting small found objects in glass
  • How to translate drawings and paintings into glass
  • Creating texture and patterns
  • How to create fusible elements such as stringers and wafers


Material Laboratories