Online Event


6th October 2020

“(Who knows how?)”: A presentation with Maud Cotter

In this short presentation, I would like to: air questions within my practice, on the nature and how of things find new coherences in a field of change speak to the continuity of practice, of finding generative ways forward & answer some questions … if possible. This I will illustrate with some of my work to date, and work in hand, focusing on the question, posed by Gerald Manley Hopkins in ‘Pied Beauty’, “(Who knows how?)”: his exquisite uncertainty a better foundation than most.


About the artist

Maud Cotter lives and works in Cork, Ireland. She is a graduate and Adjunct Faculty Member of the Crawford Municipal College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland. Cotter has lectured in Art and Architectural Colleges in Europe and America. She is co-founder of the National Sculpture Factory and a member of Aosdana. She is currently on a one-person exhibition titled a consequence of – a dappled world, for Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 2021.


Loquium is a new online lecture series looking at the materialised forms of sculptural practices and the knowledge they produce. We hope to delve into the differences in artistic material enquiry and its material possibilities. We look to develop a new vocabulary to engage in discourses around how these sculptural enquiries lead into unknowable territories and spaces of not knowing where often the artistic research is not separable from the art itself and how artists themselves bring new thinking into the world that is often beyond traditional academic understanding.