National Sculpture Factory


9th Aug 2020—9th Aug 2022

A field of multiple destructions: A Lecture By Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly’s material practice manifests itself through sculpture, print and text based media. Her work often draws on the natural to pose questions on disposability and transience within contemporary land use. In this presentation a field of multiple destructions,  Kelly will introduce you to her material library of ply wood, waste concrete, dust, bitumen, cardboard and crushed glass. This library of foraged by-products are not only her materials, but also her subject matter, building a cyclical dialogue to explore this unsettled earth. Through ongoing collaborations with key material innovators, historians and geologists, Kelly explores how complex ecological systems are seen as resources to be exploited, and how mountains became overburden. 


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About Loquium 

Loquium is a new online lecture series looking at the materialised forms of sculptural practices and the knowledge they produce. We hope to delve into the differences in artistic material enquiry and its material possibilities. We look to develop a new vocabulary to engage in discourses around how these sculptural enquiries lead into unknowable territories and spaces of not knowing where often the artistic research is not separable from the art itself and how artists themselves bring new thinking into the world that is often beyond traditional academic understanding.