Simon Kidd Ceramics

Bio – Simon Kidd


Belfast born Simon Kidd graduated with a degree in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martins in London, and currently lives and works on Oileán Chléire off West Cork.


Simon uses a variety of processes – including throwing, slip casting, press moulding, and hand-building – as well as wood, gas, and electric-fired kilns to create sculptural ceramic forms that are meditations on place. He often incorporates site-specific materials – such as granite, basalt, limestone, wood ashes, and turf ash – gathered from around the island of Ireland and used as inclusions in the clay body and in glazes.


He is currently working on a body of work while on residency on Oileán Chléire, an offshore island gaeltacht. Where he is making through live land casting and firing pieces in a custom built hybrid kiln while incorporating the use of materials collected from the island.


Simon’s work was included in Ceramics Ireland’s penultimate LAND/MARKS triennial show at Farmleigh Gallery, which then travelled to Argillà Italia in Faenza, Italy in September 2022, and is currently on show in the National Design and Craft Gallery in Kilkenny. He has had a number of solo shows at Erskine Hall & Coe gallery in London, and has shown at Collect, also in London, with Alveston Fine Art. He was awarded a Future Makers award by the DCCI in 2023.



Statement 2024


Objects, sculptures, vessels, artefacts, pots. They always begin with a place, with its stories and feelings it evokes.


These pieces respond directly and indirectly to a place, they are embedded and coated with materials gathered from there. The forms informed by what is found there, or what once was there. I want these pieces to become artefacts of their place – to be physical connections to the land they’re born out of.


I work with ceramics, utilising the variety of processes that can be used: throwing, slip casting, press moulding, hand-building. I allow each project I work on to inform the processes used. What is a constant thread throughout my work is the use of local materials, which are used as inclusions in the clay body or else as glazes – granite, basalt, limestone, wood ashes, turf ash. There are endless possibilities for what can be used and how it can be used, and the constant experimentation and learning that this creates is an important part of my practice.