Persistence of Visions

National Sculpture Factory

in association with the

Cork Film Festival 2016


Persistence of Visions : A Series

Anthony Haughey
Clare Langan
Aideen Barry

Dates : Mon 14th – Tues 15th – Weds 16th November
Screening & presentation times : 12:00pm (noon)
Venue : Gate Cinema, North Main St, Cork.

Persistence of Visions 
is a series of screenings and presentations produced and programmed by the National 
Sculpture Factory designed specifically to create cross disciplinary dialogues between visual artists and filmmakers working within the realm of film 
and video.Visual Artists practices’ expand beyond
straightforward Film categorisations or qualifications challenging modes of production, presentation and reception that alter our relationships to the artifice of film while constantly generating new narratives for engagement and understanding.

Anthony Haughey: A Permanent State of Crisis
 – Monday 14th Nov 12.00 | Gate Cinema | 75 mins

Unresolved and Manifesto are two films by artist Anthony Haughey, one
deliberates on the anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica, where in 1995 more than 8000 people were systematically murdered by the Bosnian Serb army, the other reflects upon the 1916 Proclamation and considers the promise of an egalitarian Republic that was never fully realised.

Clare Langan: From Metamorphosis
… – Tuesday 15th Nov 12.00 | Gate Cinema | 75 mins

The sublime nature of Clare Langan’s work fixes us in place in previously 
unimagined ways, while simultaneously opening up our understanding of place and space to an ever-greater range of influences. Clare Langan’s artistic practice spans cinema, video art, and multi-screen installation. She will screen works from Metamorphosis (2007) to Flight from the City (2015).

Aideen Barry: Visual Fictions
 – Wednesday – 16th Nov 12.00 | Gate Cinema | 75 mins

Aideen Barry presents four video works Levitating, Possession, Not to be Known or Named and Enshrine. Her practice incorporates performance, moving image, drawing and sculptural manifestations. Barry’s performative films often involve huge physical and endurance commitments that manifest as visual fictions, meditating on feminist observations and the monstrous female.

This is a free, ticketed event. Attendees
are advised to collect tickets well in
advance of screenings. Seating is limited
allocated on first come first serve basis.

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