Tom Dalton

Tom Dalton has been a prolific artist throughout the last 12 years. He began his career as a mechanical engineer and spent 6 years as a bespoke furniture maker before focusing specifically on public and private art commissions. His most famous artwork to date is probably his large mirrored intervention in Fitzgerald’s Park called ‘Immortality’ which was commissioned by the Cork City Council Parks Department. He is presently finishing another large commission for Cork City Council at the Knocknaheeny Resource Centre.


Tom Dalton’s practice has evolved greatly over the last 12 years from designing bespoke one-off furniture pieces to creating large public-art works.

The specifics of each environment or site for a new artwork influences his creative processes and outcomes. By using a broad range of materials, stainless steel, bronze, mirror, wood, and sand, Dalton creates sculptural artworks that can be viewed as being either interventions into space or formal reactions to site-specificy. His work often takes the form of surreal objects fitted into an environment and architectural by nature.

The nature of his work explores the old style workmanship of the craftsman by incorporating a tactile element into all his sculptural work and by bringing into focus the materiality of the sculptures but his interest is firmly rooted in the potential magical possibility the each artwork can create in the imagination.