Tom Climent


My most recent works are more architectural than previous ones, they are an amalgamation of structures, deconstructed and assembled together.

I’m currently studying on the MA by research at the Crawford College, I’m trying to move my work in a more 3 dimensional direction, incorporating photography and projection.

Previous solo exhibitions include ones at South Tipperary Arts Centre, The Alley Theatre Arts Centre, Garter Lane Arts Centre, The Hunt Museum, The Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, The Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, The Fenton Gallery and The Triskel Arts Centre.

Statement (part 2)

This research is proposed in the context of my most recent work which has a strong architectural structure , to further develop and explore this using a combination of 2-D and 3-D methods. The proposed research intends to focus on the creation of space, investigating the boundaries between abstraction and representation as a means of conveying this, to explore the dematerialised qualities that one does not actually see in reality,to use spatial structures as a vehicle to make this quality solid and physical.

My objective is to create a body of work in both 2-D and 3-D using paint and sculptural materials, to reference spatial structures as a metaphor for duality, to visually explore the outer as well as the inner spatial world. This exploration exists in a field of tension between two poles of visualisation, namely the artistic vision of abstraction and the physical world of representation. I wish to create much more physical works of art while conversely to try and convey an aspect of reality which is less physically present, to create works which contain the memories of the past, what used to exist, what could exist and what does exist.