The Struggle Against Ourselves – An Embodied Lecture by Chi-wang Yang

To coincide with the screening of The Struggle Against Ourselves the National Sculpture Factory has invited Los Angeles Theatre Director Chi-wang Yang to create a 2-day embodied lecture which will be held on the Factory Floor during the Film Festival in collaboration with artist Jesse Jones.


Participants are invited to take part in an exciting two-day event on the 11th and 12th of November. Chi-wang Yang, a Los Angeles-based theatre director, will host a two-day workshop on the Meyerhold Etudes on the Floor at the National Sculpture factory in Cork. This two-day workshop will coincide with the Irish premiere of Jesse Jones’ new film, The Struggle Against Ourselves.


The Embodied Workshop 

Over the course of the two days, participants will be introduced theoretically to the historical background of the Etudes as well as physically enacting them through this embodied lecture event. The Meyerhold Etudes emerged from the post Russian revolutionary period as a form of theatre training in the Constructivist avant-garde. Its influences included Japanese theatre, Commedia dell’Arte, as well as Taylorist studies of the body in relation to the space of the factory and time motion studies. The Etudes used biomechanical knowledge to create a theatrical form that presented a radical departure from the theatre of naturalism and edifice, to one of dynamic tableaux, rich with revolutionary narrative. Performed at their height to mass audiences of thousands, the Etudes represented a theatre in which the actor’s performance was symbolic to a universal body capable of serving a complex political function in society. The Etudes were of huge influential on Stanislavski, Brecht, and Eisenstein, who himself had trained within the iconic Meyerhold workshop of the 20’s.


Within a mass culture of social virilities, the politics of embodiment are incredibly potent as we endeavour to produce publics, which may occupy power socially and politically. Within this call to physical embodiment through the current resurgence of occupation, what role can art play within this form of activist embodiment?

Is it possible to create discursive artistic practices that can present experiences that can reoccupy the space of historical knowledge, and through this process of embodied knowledge create new ideas that affect our lived reality?


Come & Participate

Participation in this workshop is invited from a multi-disciplinary background of cultural producers such as artists, theatre makers, dance, curators, writers, etc. Prior experience in movement or dance forms is not required, however the Biomechanics training can be physical strenuous and all participants should be prepared to get a good work out.

Each session will last 3-4 hours and lunch will be provided each day with some breaks in between. Given that the training is cumulative and durational, participants should be committed to attending both sessions. Applications to participate will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Session 1 : Friday 10th Nov

10pm – 1pm.

Lunch 1pm – 2pm

2pm – 5pm


Sesson 2 : Saturday 11th Nov

10pm – 1pm.

Lunch 1pm – 2pm

2pm – 5pm


All applications can be made directly to :


Spaces are limited so attendance will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please state your interest in the workshop and level of fitness (these are for admins purposes only)




Chi-wang Yang

is a Los Angeles based theatre director and digital media artist. Committed to physical performance and interdisciplinary collaboration, his work synthesizes stage, media and technology. His work has featured at REDCAT, New York International fringe Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and San Francisco Film festival.He is a founding member of Cloud Eye Control, a performance collective that integrates live theatre, animation and music.