so sick and tired – Neon publication, 2020

National Sculpture Factory is delighted to invite you to join us for the launch of our new publication so sick and tired – Neon Publication.

On Thursday the 18th of February at 6:00pm the National Sculpture Factory will host an online get-together to celebrate the launch of its new publication and we hope that you will join us, with a glass in hand, to toast the conclusion of the NSF’s recent commission with artist and writer Sara Baume.

On the night we will celebrate all the creative elements that have made this such a rewarding and enlightening project and we hope you’ll join us in this celebration.

We will begin with a brief introduction to the overall project by National Sculpture Factory’s Director Valerie Byrne which will be followed by a short conversation between Sara Baume and Sara Kelleher and this will also include a brief discussion with unthink designers, Colin Farmer and Noelle Cooper, about their creative approaches to designing this publication.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the Summer of 2020, National Sculpture Factory in association with Cork Midsummer Festival commissioned a new text-work by artist and writer Sara Baume, so sick and tired, for Midsummer Moments 2020 that would speak about our times.This manifested itself as a 4 metre long neon text work draped publicly on the front facade of the NSF building.

Sara’s intuitive textwork, formed from red neon, lit up for the first time at 11:00pm on Sunday 21st June, in the last hour of daylight on the evening of the Summer Solstice. From then it was activated daily by light-sensor, illuminating the darkest hours of our days, up until the Winter Solstice on Monday 21 December 2020 when the longest night has finally fallen and at the turn of our astronomical year where we begin to look to the brightening of the day for our way forward.

The evocative fragment of a sentence, used in this artwork, was taken from a series of reflections Sara made during the first lockdown in spring and early summer of 2020. Her words not only resonate with this specific moment in history but also the often impossibly frugal nature of artists lives. Sara writes “I have lived my entire adult life under certain constraints, practically all of them self-imposed. This line is trying to express the longing for some dramatic kind of deliverance from my boring, consoling habits.”

We hope to see you all there.

Thursday 18th February 6:00pm Free and open to all.

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so sick and tired – Neon publication, 2020.

Commissioned by National Sculpture Factory in association with Cork Midsummer Festival

Neon Textwork by Sara Baume

Essay by Sarah Kelleher

Design by unthink

Documentation Photos by Jedrzej Niezgoda

Documentary Photos of the publication by Johnny Savage