NSF .art Cork Caucus Edition Extended

NSF .art Cork Caucus Edition Extended

The Cork Caucus Edition of the www.nationalsculpturefactory.art platform has been extended for the month of April.

Welcome to the Cork Caucus Edition (Jan/Feb/Mar) of the National Sculpture Factory’s [archive] platform.

Due the size and scale of the material we have on our Cork Caucus Project from 2005 we plan to spread the content over the next 3 months. In this next edition we have important lectures by philosophers Chantal Mouffe and Gayatri Spivak and artist Vito Acconci. We have a number of excerpts from the Caucus book: a introduction by co-curator Annie Fletcher, a letter from Fred Dewey, a visual essay of BangCork. This edition also contains as series of ‘Project inserts’ into the Evening Echo newspaper and some audio from Shane Cullen’s presentation on his Courage to Refuse project to mention just a few new additions.

Designed as a web based Archive project it attempts to release the incredible wealth contained within the arts organisation since its inception in 1989. This archive/platform will have a one-year duration where at the beginning of each month new material will be selected, curated and added creating further depth of understanding across all facets of the NSF’s history and activities.

This is an open repository allowing one to rummage and discover material through one’s own subjective interests and desires.