Nedyalka Panova

Nedyalka Panova is a Bulgarian ceramic artist. She is based in Cork and she has a BA (Honours) degree in Ceramic Art and Design from Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 2009. She has exhibited widely since receiving her degree, most recently in September 2010: Sculpture in Context 2010, Botanic garden, Dublin.

In September-October 2009 she participated in a residency program in Tokyo, Japan where she gave a ceramic workshop for children and exhibited in a group show with local and international artists.

She has worked with various types of clay, from fine bone china to raku.

“I like the delicate translucency of porcelain and bone china and in the same time I am addicted to the spontaneous beauty of raku pieces”, she said.

All her pieces are signed with the small signature “Ceramic Nature”, the  two big sources of inspiration of the artist: nature and the natural states of the clay .

“I get my inspiration for creativity not only within the walls of my studio or in electronic research, but in real contact with nature, people and communication with body and mind. This is why I have submerged myself into various cultures, in both Eastern and western Europe, as each and every culture has discovered something unique in nature and made it its own.”