Mollie Anna King

An exhibition by Mollie Anna King 
(National Sculpture Factory Crawford Graduate Awardee 2010)

Thurs 26th May
Black Mariah
2nd Floor
Triskel Arts Centre
Tobin St.

37 is the culmination of a six month residency at the National Sculpture Factory. 
King’s most recent work explored sculptural ‘happenings’ through the haphazard coalescence of everyday materials and objects, brought together to form systematically unstructured events. Ideas of process and performance interplaying with the idea of the personification and animation of objects. 

Temporary materials such as wax and lard melt, mould and change both shape and consistency. 37, placed these familiar domestic materials on conveyor belts and in and out of context, as mass produced commodities. In the installation the materials were imbued with a potential that turned off mid-performance, a constant, episodic, bordering-on-humorous investigation of ‘repetition’ and ‘uncertainty’ within a space created for passive viewing.