Artist in Focus: Mark Clare

Artist Statement


My practice does not lie within any one discipline but instead embraces a variety of media including video, animation, performance and sculpture in an attempt to be versatile and perceptive.

The works attempt to engage, provoke and agitate the viewer’s social conscience through visual interpretations of the politics of globalization, society and public spaces. It aims to interrogate the inherent discrepancies of accepted socio-cultural phenomena and identities. The work offers the audience an opportunity to reflect, and at times wonder, at the accepted norms built around us, to engage and highlight unresolved incongruities within society and offer the beginnings of a route map, offering up new pathways of questioning, in an effort to understand the complex relationships within one’s own socio-cultural surroundings.

The process of engaging with and responding to new environments is a vital part of the development of new work within my practice. while there is an over-riding ethos and aesthetics behind my practice, it is the challenge of seeking out and engaging with new people and new environments that infuses energy into my practice and allows for distinctive projects/works to be developed.