Marina Cartiant

Project for a residency.

My work turns around the human need to equilibrate our relationship with nature. During my latest residencies in Canada, Japan and Scotland, I explored the relationship between the mineral and the vegetable. I look for harmony in my composition and I try to express a different vision through transformation of the elements.

Undertaking residencies allows me to experience different cultures and gives me an opportunity to learn about things on the other side of the planet; I am interested in the world’s external appearance, in its tactile surface. On the other hand, I try to create a believable presence, each stone or piece of work becomes for me a person.

I create work simply to incite a dialogue…I am only asking questions.

My mineral landscapes are an invitation for a meditation, and the vegetal landscapes function as a memorial, to recall the past, which in my view, we can’t ignore.

I try to transform reality with its own rules. My installations do not have an eternal character, but last only for a brief moment, perhaps a few days.