Kevin Callaghan

Kevin Callaghan was born 1982 in County Donegal. He is at present resident in Cork City. In 2010 he received his BA (Hons) degree in the Crawford College of Art and Design, and in 2008 he completed with a distinction the internationally acclaimed Ceramic Skills and Training Course run by the Craft Council of Ireland in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.

In 2009 Callaghan received the Frank Ryan Travel Bursary Award form the Institute of Designers of Ireland, which allowed him to travel to the Experimental Sculpture Factory and Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China. There he held his first solo show entitled Hui Pai. He has shown in a number of galleries in Ireland and in a number of private and public collections including one at Cork Institute of Technology.


Kevin Callaghan has been studying ceramics for over eight years. After spending many years focusing on the ceramic vessel he has now turned away from it in order to make more sculptural work – an area in which he found his work naturally progressing towards.

His work is strongly influenced by Chinese architecture and dwellings this is evident especially in his new work, a theme exploring the ‘Transmigration from East to West’.