Just Listen

 just listen

Sat April 23rd 8:00pm Unit 6 Elysian.

Anne Bean: Pooled (a response) by Softday, The Quiet Club and Nicolas Collins.

Fri 15 – Sun 30 Apr 2011

The National Sculpture Factory, supported by Cork School of Music, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork Opera House, Limerick College of Art and Crawford College of Art and Design presented an international Sound Art event in Cork and Limerick across a two-week period from April 15th 2011.

The event, entitled Just Listen included Irish premieres of performances by international sound artists, Sound Art installations, and a day long seminar presented in conjunction with the CIT Cork School of Music and a workshops programme.

There was also a showcase of Irish sound artists which were presented live to the public at the Lmerick School of Art & Design.

The project included international artists including, Anne Bean, David Toop, Michael Prime, Eric Leonardson, Stephen Vitiello, Pauline Oliveros, John Godfrey, among others.

The event aimed to explore Sound art as an art form and aimed to bring some incredible engaging, interactive works to a public audience. Discussions and workshops explored how work is positioned and evaluated within the art/education context and how is it mediated to a broader public.

Project curatorial advisors: Danny McCarthy / Sean Taylor.
Sat 16th April
Just listen Seminar
Stack Theatre
Cork School of Music
chaired by Anne Hilde Neset (Deputy Editor of Wire)
Evening Performances by
Eric Leonardson
Pauline Oliveros with John Godfrey
Sunday 17th
Workshop by
Eric Leonardson
Saturday 23rd
Workshop by
Nicholas Collins
Saturday 30th
Just Listening Showcase of Irish Based Sound Artists.
Limerick School of Art & Design,
Church Gallery Space 10.30am-4.30pm
Linda O’Keefe
Anthony Kelly & David Stalling
Francis Heery
Sunfish (Harry Moore + Tony Langlois)
La Societe des Amis du Crime (Paul Hegarty & Vicky Langan)
Slavek Kwi
Ed Devane & Amanda Feery
Ellen King & Tim O’Leary
E=MCH (Paul Stapleton, Caroline Pugh, Adnan Marquez-Borbon, Cavan Fyans)
Robin Parmar
Vicky Langan & Max Le Cain
Kevin Tuohy & Liam Slevin.
Eileen Carpio
Kate O Looney
Neil Quigley


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