Jenna Whelan

Jenna Whelan currently lives and works in Waterford/Cork.

Her studio is based in the National Sculpture Factory Cork and is currently undergoing a Masters by research through Crawford College of Art and Design.

Installation and performance are at the heart of her work. Jenna Whelan is a  recent graduate of  WIT, receiving a first class honors in visual art. She spent her first year of her degree studying sculpture and combined media in the School of Art and Design Limerick .

In 2009, Jenna Whelan was short listed for the Bank of Ireland Millennium Scholarship. Jenna held successful exhibitions in Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Donegal, Tralee, Outer Mongolia and Budapest. Receiving her first solo exhibition in Outer Mongolia in 2009.

In 2009, Jenna received an award from the Cork Film Centre, for the Best Installation/Performance Video Award. She was also awarded the National Sculpture Factory’s W.I.T. Student of the year award.

Jenna’s assemblages and performances make strong statements about the ugliness of the truth. She edits life, exploring the disparities between the public and private, between individuals and their experiences. Playing upon emotions as a medium through installation and video. Humor and mockery  threads its way through her work . Playing on our conscious and unconscious fears and memories. Showing versions of the real and not ideal world with emphasis on the grotesque, mundane  and the banalities of our everyday existence calling attention to our voyeuristic nature.

Artist Statement

I try to hold onto memory in the form of discarded objects such as old furniture and household items; which can be scavenged for use in installation or performance. In doing so I attempt to interrupt the public consciousness, to break the strange rituals and banal domesticity of our mundane existence. In this way I try to expose the forms of control and manipulation that we consciously and subconsciously except, presenting my findings in the real and not ideal world  while showing no sympathy for those who abuse this power, which I feel molds our physical and psychological behavior and informs our Zeitgeist.