Vanessa Donoso López in conversation with Valerie Byrne

Vanessa Donoso López in conversation with Valerie Byrne, NSF Director, about her new public artwork for GRAFT and how it is interconnected to her wider artistic practice. Vanessa Donoso Lopez produced a series of over 100 kiln-fired clay ‘manuports’ – stone-like ceramics embedded with intricate designs and patterns. The term denotes an object that has been carried one from location to another and, in her display of these works, Donoso López clustered groups of the works along the banks of the River Lee. Over the course of Graft the works will be intermittently submerged, partially visible through the water, as well as occupying embankments and outcroppings of land.

Vanessa Donoso López lives and works between Dublin and Barcelona. She studied at the School of Arts and Design Llotja, Barcelona, the University of Barcelona and the Winchester College of Art, UK. Vanessa’s work develops within an installation process through a dialogical relationship between a variety of media and mechanisms including, drawing, painting, arqueological- scientific experimentation and repetitive object making. Her practice is committed to exploring concepts of transitional phenomena relevant to contemporary migrant life. It seeks to negotiate the tension between cross-cultural identities and narratives, its instability and complexity, its potential for the loss of identity, language, and the hypothetical compatibility with original cultures.

Valerie Byrne has worked in a range of arts organisations spanning the past 20 years. She has been the Director of Cork Printmakers, one of Ireland’s leading Print Studios for the past 6 years where she initiated a series of national and international projects. Previously she has held positions such as Project Manager for visual arts projects, European Capital of Culture: Cork 2005. Valerie was the first appointed Arts Co-ordinator to St James’s Hospital, Dublin, where she established a comprehensive Arts Programme and prior to that Valerie was the Visual Arts Programmer for Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.

Graft developed and curated by the National Sculpture Factory and the Glucksman has commissioned five artists to create new temporary sculptural interventions in Cork City, which launched on September 17th and will run in situ til 30th Oct. Designed to transform, disrupt and celebrate the existing built environment, the project brings a temporary cultural transformation to Cork’s urban realm inviting the public to view the new artworks at a safe distance as offered by outdoor presentations. The five artists are Seoidín O’Sullivan, Adam Gibney, Vanessa Donoso Lopez, Bríd Murphy and Linda Quinlan. The five commissions are now available to view across Cork city. The artworks reveal and present themselves at different points of the day whether dictated by the tidal flow of the River Lee, the shift to evening light, or the opening hours of the English Market, Bishop Lucy Park and UCC campus. We hope that you will take the time to explore Graft by downloading the guide map and using the information on the artist’s individual pages to inform your visit. Find further details on