Seoidín O’Sullivan in conversation with Dobz O’Brien

Seoidín O’Sullivan in conversation with Dobz O’Brien, Programme Manager at the NSF, about her new public artwork for GRAFT and how it is interconnected to her wider artistic practice.

Seoidín O’Sullivan has produced a series of new sculptural works which takes the form of copper swings and text, entitled Towards Weightlessness, for a Cork public park as part of the public sculpture exhibition GRAFT — the first collaboration of its kind between the Glucksman Gallery and the National Sculpture Factory.

For this In-Conversation Seoidín will present for the first time these new public artworks and talk about how her own biography of having grown up in Kitwe, one of the towns in Zambia’s copperbelt has informed this new body of work, and how the labour and mined landscapes have resonance with Cork’s past history of mineral extraction along the cork copper coast.

Seoidín O’Sullivan, originally from Zambia and an Art Lecturer in NCAD, is presenting a series of swing-like sculptural works in Bishop Lucey Park. The objects feature copper-plated text to draw a connection between Cork, Zambia, copper mining, Afrofuturism, space exploration and the artist’s own family background.

Dobz O’Brien is an artist, curator and Programmes Manager at the National Sculpture Factory. He has curated and produced a broad range of exhibitions and projects across a wide variety of mediums, sites and locations with both Irish and international artists.

This In-Conversation between Seoidín and Dobz is the first in a series of five talks accompanying the city-wide exhibition where each artist will discuss their participation in GRAFT and wider art practice.