Gwenda Forde

Artist’s Statement: Inspired by the balancing form of seashells and  skeletal remains of sea mammals, I consider my work to be  an ongoing investigation of different aspects of interior space. The organic curves and smooth concave surfaces evoke personal feelings of shelter and  belonging and are used as a visual language to create objects that express such feelings. My most recent work also considers how light interacts with an interior space, and invites the viewer to interact in both a visual and tangible way. My work comprises of hand-built forms from porcelain and stoneware. I have experimented with the tactile qualities of clay to discover the most appropriate surface to express my concept. The forms are sanded repeatedly to achieve their smooth texture, and high-fired to 1240º C. approximately.


  • Up the Walls, 2008
  • Crazed, 2008
  • Groundfloor, 2011
  • Exxit,  2012
  • Who made this?  Kinsale,  2012
  • Fledglings, the Lavit Gallery, 2012


  • DBI  Purchase Prize
  • National Sculpture Factory Studio Bursary