Greg Johns

Connecting to the Land

‘As a sculptor working in the Australian great landscape, I remain perplexed by how little sculpture produced inAustralia reflects this place. We are perhaps locked into our cities and computers, as well as being overloaded by the international. This was a factor I considered in deciding to acquire a rural property at Palmer, in the rain shadow country of the Adelaide Hills. I have been revegetating 403 acres of sheep country there, placing sculptures which engage this archetypal Australian landscape. The intention is to create a a sculpture landscape, in contrast to a sculpture park. This has been taking place, steadily, over the past seven years. It is a twenty year project.

My reading of the Australian landscape is both visual, and a felt, beneath-the-surface approach. As I have said before, it is perhaps deep beneath our thin soils that the stories lie, in the extremely old, subterranean levels. There is much to be learnt about this place for those who are prepared to sit quietly and listen.’


Greg Johns was born in Adelaide, South Australia. He has been working as a full-time sculptor since 1978. John is a member of the New York Sculptors’ Guild, the International Sculptor Centre and a committee member of Collaborations (linking art and architecture 1990_1994). ¬†Greg has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England and the United States. In 2005 he was a selected finalist in the Helen Lempriere Sculpture Prize, Werribee Park, Victoria. Johns has also received numerous public and private sculpture commissions including, Crown Casino, Southbank, Melbourne; Adelaide National University, Canberra and Bell Memorial Garden, Adelaide. His work is represented in many high profile public, corporate and private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, England and the United States.