Frequencies 2014

Summer Lecture Series 2014

Hibridity, Inter-disciplinarity & Resistance

Every Wednesday in August, 1-2 p.m.

Factory Floor Mezzanine

Taking place each Wednesday in August, the Frequencies series of lunchtime talks gives the NSF an opportunity open its doors to the public in order to foster an exchange of ideas between our local community and some of Ireland’s leading artists, performers and researchers. This year’s series is entitled Hybridity, Inter-Disciplinarity and Resistance and responding to it will be Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan (collaborative artist group), Mark Clare (artist), Dr. Aislinn O’Donnell (experimental philosopher) and Grace Dyas (theater practitioner). 


These four sessions will spot light and explore hybrid, cross-disciplinary practices that work to expand in different or unexpected ways the parameters between art and activism, culture and social or political commentary. 

Weds 6th August       Megs Morley & Tom Flanagan: Peaks of Present, Sheets of Past

Tom and Megs collaborative work is an ongoing investigation of the language of cinema and its relationship to political power and collective memory. Their series of moving image works examining real and imagined politically complex sites and forgotten histories, attempts to intervene into collective understandings of the present, by exploring the space between images, memory, knowledge and power.


Weds 13th August       Mark Clare: Roots of Unity

Clare will discuss his cross-disciplinary approach to his practice, which has included animation, photography, public interventions and temporary public sculpture and even on occasion the role as a facilitator in developing projects with participants from a variety of backgrounds.


Weds 20th  August      Aislinn O’Donnell: Experimental Philosophy

Should the arts and humanities, including philosophy, be forced to justify their existence to those who believe such irrelevant and useless domains of inquiry should die a quiet death? Perhaps philosophy needs to look to contemporary art practice to finds its way again. This talk is a call for an ‘experimental philosophy’.


Weds 27th August     Grace Dyas: Changing the world or clinging on to the wreckage

‘I am going to talk about the art that I make.

I am going to talk about the highs and lows of being an artist, and how the fuck to get things done.’

Grace is a founder of THEATREclub. She is an activist, a theatre director, a writer, a theatre producer and sometimes she changes things or makes new things happen. She makes theatre because she wants to change the world. She lives and works in inner city Dublin, Ireland where she is from.