Frequencies 2013 Seamus Nolan

Seamus Nolan ‘Negating Public Space’

Seamus Nolan’s politically engaged conceptual projects look to enliven public space through various strategies including challenging the idea of the monument or memorial and revivifying community structures.

‘Public art operates in the terrain between the private and the political; the term public may apply to any process or forum of mediation between the individuals and the social structure in which the individual exists. In order to become public we must act individually, to define the personal within the plural as an act of refusal and participation concurrently.’

Recent work includes ’10th President’ in Templebar Gallery and Studios’ a posthumous presidential campaign; ‘The Trades Club Revival’ which saw an immersion in the club culture of Sligo for more than 2 years (an off-site work commissioned by The Model and partnered with CREATE 2010). The attempted hijack of a Ryan air flight for St Patrick’s Day (Flight NM7104, for Terminal Convention in association with NSF and STATIC Liverpool 2011). A refusal to participate in Dublin Contemporary 2011 and an attempt to sell the derelict house of Barbara Luderowski the founder and co-director of The Mattress Factory (Neighbourhood, in the Mattress Factory Pittsburgh 2011). Other works include Corrib Gas Project Arts Centre, a solo show in the Project Arts Centre September 2009, ‘If art could save your life’ in Drogheda Arts Centre ’09 and ‘Hotel Ballymun’ commissioned by Breaking Ground In Ballymun 2007.