Rhino Workshop With Roy Marc Byrne

Rhino Workshop With Roy Marc Byrne

Introduction to 3D modelling with Rhino at the National Sculpture Factory

Date : Fri 7th & sat 8th Sept 2018
Instructor: Roy Marc Byrne
Venue: Mezzanine at National Sculpture Factory

To sign up for this workshop please contact Elma O’Donovan at elma@nationalsculpturefactory.com

Rhino is a 3D-modeling powerhouse, used to design and engineer products ranging from jewelry and
furniture to architecture and automobiles. This workshop will help participants learn how to build their
own 3D models, components, and prototypes with the NURBS-based modeling tools in Rhino 5.0 for
Windows. This workshop introduces Rhino’s three primary entities (the curve, the surface, and the
solid) and shows the best ways to draw curves and model 3D objects, edit their geometry efficiently,
and render and export designs. The course will be tailored towards anyone with a need to produce
measurable concept work in 3D and produce detailed working drawings for professionals in other
fields such as engineering and fabrication.

Course outline – Day 1
Why Rhino?
Navigating the interface
Basic commands
Creating curves, surfaces, and solids
Performing basic transformations
Making solids with primitives
Extruding curves
Snapping to objects and planes
Trimming, splitting, rotating, and copying objects
Prototyping a 3D model
Dimensions and styles
Working drawing sheet layouts

Learning Outcomes – Day 1
After this course participants will be able to:
Move comfortably around the Rhino modeling software.
Create and edit curves, surfaces, and solids.
Use modeling aids for accuracy.
Control dimension styles.
Produce a 3D model that can be accurately scaled measured and dimensioned.
Produce scale drawings of 3D Rhino models.

Course outline – Day 2
Advanced modeling techniques
Advanced surface manipulation
Production of 2D line work from complex 3D models
Introduction to rendering with Vray for Rhino
Modeling a studio scene
Adding & controlling lights in a scene
Basic materials
Texture mapping
Exporting images and layers

Learning Outcomes – Day 2
After this course participants will be able to:
Generate free-form models
Manipulate surfaces with T-Splines
Convert 3D models into 2D lines for use in other software
Produce realistic rendered images of 3D models

Day 1 – Requires Windows skills and desire to model. Previous drafting and modeling experience helpful but not
required. If attendees have attempted to work through tutorials on either evaluation, student or commercial version
of Rhino 5, this will help. If you need an evaluation version, please download from

Day 2 – A trial version of Vray for Rhino 5 available here
T-Splines plugin available here