Carla Burns


Carla Burns

National Sculpture Factory in partnership with Basement Project Space and the AVANT festival 2012

Opening 6pm Friday 6th July 

Launch event of The AVANT festival 2012

Open daily 12 – 6pm, Saturday 7th July – Sunday 15th July 2012


There is no other realm, but there are radically different ways of inhabiting this one.

–  David Wood^

ALOHA, NAMASTE, SO MUCH LOVE is an exhibition of new work by Carla Burns made while on residency at the National Sculpture Factory from January to March 2012. The presented work is part of an ongoing study by Burns into problems of belief, representation, and the search for meaning. How do we come to know what is real and how do we communicate and strengthen that reality? Burns approaches this problem by appropriating artifacts of self-help and spiritual culture to consider how our emotional life bleeds into our intellectual life as we long for coherent systems of meaning-making.

Carla Burns is an Irish artist based in Limerick. Originally studying Psychology and working in clinical and research positions, she later moved to art practice. Since graduating from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2011 she has been based at Raggle Taggle studios in Limerick, and in 2012 she spent three months at the National Sculpture Factory on a graduate residency award.


^ Wood, D., ‘Thinking God in the Wake of Kierkegaard’, Kierkegaard: A Critical Reader, (eds.) Jonathan Rée and Jane Chamberlain, Blackwell Publishers, 1998, pg. 72