Mick Wilkins


Following a move to Kilkenny in 1985 I produced my first stone sculpture in September of that year and realised immediately that this Irish Limestone was a material of immense versatility and one with which I felt very at home working with. For the past 25years I have explored its qualities through carving, cutting, laminating, sandblasting, polishing, surface treatment and drawing on this ancient and durable material.
For the first 13 years I produced mainly gallery pieces of modest scale for exhibit in one man shows, group shows and; following a move to Galway in 1989, in my own gallery in Spiddal, Co. Galway until 1998.
After this there was an increased interest in private commissions which led eventually to most of the past 10 years working  on large scale public commissions. This is where that wonderful relationship between scale and stone become ” monumental “. The creative process of this monumental scale carries with it many challenges, which determines a different relationship between the Artist, the Audience and the Material. It is a relationship in which I have found enormous creative satisfaction. Since 2009; for reasons outside of our control, commissions have dropped off significantly. This however was the motivation for a return to my hometown of Cork and also created a void to once again explore new ideas, treatments and themes in stone.
I am presently working at The National Sculpture Factory in Cork, which is a welcome space in which to continue this journey.