Amanda Rice

“My practice encompasses site-specific photography, video and installation. Using these mediums I choose to discuss both natural and unnatural landforms which have associations with the philosophical notion of the sublime and horror. My projects often contain a multi-tiered narrative allowing the viewer to oscillate between fact and fiction. My work discusses urbanization, progression and the idea of failed utopian systems. These systems often begin with a desire to conquer and civilize landmass; the subsequent effects of these systems on landscape are where my interests lie.  My ideas are fed from time spent within the expansive rubble of Chinas’ demolished villages and most recently time in the Alps in Obersalzburg, Germany where the NSDAP Party in the 1920s-1940’s owned numerous residences in the mountains has led me to consider the façades of beauty and horror within a vague and unattainable wilderness.

Utopias afford consolation: although they have no real locality, there is nevertheless a fantastic, untroubled region in which they are able to unfold’ (Foucault: The Order of Things, xviii)

The entire trajectory of my current practice deals with the search for a supposed ideal leading me to begin the construction of my own landscapes, through the use of industrial materials, forming an almost synthetic or pseudo-nature which speaks of a volatile future.”


Amanda Rice graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2008. She has exhibited, nationally and internationally, selected exhibitions include 2013; A Spectacular Form of Amnesia, (Solo), the Customs House Gallery and Studios, Ireland, 2012; Watching the River Flow, Curated by Sean Walsh, Centro de Artes, Portugal, Cutting a Door curated by Robert O Connor, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, 2011: CUBEOpen 2011 (work shortlisted for annual residency at CUBELab2012) at the CUBEGallery, Manchester. Recent awards include: Mayo County Council Bursary 2013/2012, Irish Arts Council Travel and Training Award 2011/2012, Culture Ireland Exhibition Award 2011 and Cork City Council Twinning Award 2011. Her work can be found in the collections of Cork City Council (2012) and CIT (2008) and a variety of private collections. Commissioned works include the Key Stone Project in association with the National Sculpture Factory at the Bodega Cork. (2009)