24 / 7

24/7 is one of the National Sculpture Factory’s new digital online artists’ platforms.

24/7 is a short a short visual essay presentation where each artist introduces 24 slides in 7 mins with accompanied narration. It is designed for artists to explore their artistic research or areas of interest that feed into their artmaking or art thinking. Designed to be easily assembled during these times of Covid restrictions.

24/7 is so entitled because it alludes to the fact that artistic pursuits have no definitive timelines, there are no parameters, artists’ productive time is 24 hours 7 days a week.

24/7 allow us into the world of interests that drives artists’ imagination; the areas of researches that artists engage in in the formation of their artistic practice and the stuff that catalyses their creativity.

24/7 can be simple, exploratory, experimentary and playful.

24/7 is not a platform for the presentation of an artist’s back catalogue or to showcase their past exhibition history but rather allow us access the extraordinary material that influences an artist’s practice or body of work.

Sarah Breen Lovett

Dr Sarah Breen Lovett is engaged in a combined practice of: academia, architecture, biophilia, contemporary art, curation and mindfulness. For the past 15 years this practice has been focused on deepening understandings of relationships between the self and the environment around us. Currently, Sarah is focusing on facilitating mindful connection to body, place and space through a new podcast called: hereness.org For a full list of Sarah’s exhibitions, curations, publications, conference presentations and catalogue essays please refer to sarahbreenlovett.com.

Sarah has recently relocated to Ireland from Australia, during the midst of the pandemic. This 24/7 reflects upon the daily meditation, journaling and forest bathing that is maintained during this time as the basis of peace, inspiration and practice.

Ann-Marie Kirwan

The core concept of my research method involves being engaged with every day or unseen things, the value in objects and materials that can be used again. What appears at first glance to be inconsequential creates a shift in my perception, and a discovery of the main activity of the objects themselves and the context in which the piece is being viewed. A process of transformation for my materials is integral to my work as it forms the basis of my material investigations. Setting up Visual Representation of material in action as an alternate means of conveying and exploring the relationship between material language, and emotional memory.

The tipping point, inspired by the air we breathe, the environment, and pollution. Breathing is something we all have in common. How our world is changing during the lockdown and the effects it is having on all walks of life. The fact that the topic of Breathing, Machines, Respirators, and social distancing became the daily topic of conversation everywhere.

Helen Horgan

Helen Horgan is a visual artist working in sculpture and moving image with an interest in the crossover between visual and verbal language. She is currently exploring the capacity of moving image to carry meaning that transcends verbal reasoning.

At the end of a year’s road trip across East and West Europe in a motorhome, Horgan found herself under a ‘shelter in place’ order in a mountain town in Calabria, Southern Italy for 12 weeks. ‘World Inside Out’ is a moving image portrait of this 24/7 experience.

Helle Helsner

Helle Helsner is multidisciplinary artist living and working in West Cork. The core of Helle’s practice stems from the ancient landscape of both human and land alike.

A residency in Ballinglen arts Foundation in November 2019 became a tuning point in my art practice. This presentation is a visual rendering of this turning point in action during lockdown 2020, explored through walks, drawing and experimental metal casting.

Fifi Smith

Fifi Smith creates installations using mixed media and projections kinetic elements, as well as experimental films. Conceptually, she explore the motivational relationship between mass behaviour/conformity and individuality within human beings.

In this video I am tracing my journey towards my use of kinetic projection machines. I call them ‘enriched projections’ because these images have a 3D effect on the eye that is different from digital images, and create a rich, intimate and intense visual sensation for the observer.

Sara Baume

Sara Baume is a writer and artist based in West Cork. She is the author of two novels and a non-fiction book called Handiwork. Since 2014 her writing has won multiple awards and been widely translated. In 2018 she had her first solo exhibition with the support of Culture Ireland.

Several years ago I came across an exhibit in a museum in Cork harbour that sparked a continuing fascination with model ships, in particular those handmade, ancient, imprecise. This presentation shows how the interest has gathered force and evolved, resulting in my own series of miniatures.

Sarah Iremonger

Sarah Iremonger is a visual artist, born in 1965, living and working in Cork since 1985. With a unique approach to a multidisciplinary practice exploring the world around us. For more: www.sarahiremonger.com

Here I have created a visual mind map to explore the thought processes gone into the creation of ‘Vessels’ (painting project) 2020. Included are source
materials and other possible outcomes.

Ciara Rodgers

Ciara Rodgers is a visual artist based in Cork City, Ireland. She finished her MFA at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design in 2018 and was awarded the 2019 graduate residency award for one year at MA:AP postgraduate studios.

This video is a little window into how Ciara applies her own fictions to less appreciated landscapes, reimagining what’s already there. The artist also presents her methods of gathering research and manipulating materials as she creates a body of work within a restricted space.

Jon Barlow Hudson

Jon Barlow Hudson has been creating large scale sculpture for public and other environments around the world since 1976. Two of these are on the Irish isle: Longa Faoi Shoil at Lisdoo Estates, Dundalk; and Through The Mangle & Into The Fire:Sanctuary For The Unknown Worker at Benburb Heritage Park, Armagh, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland.

My TS’UNG TUBE series of sculptures is inspired by the ancient Chinese Liangzu culture jade ritual object, called a “ts’ung tube” or “cong”, symbol of the unity of heaven and earth.  They are carved in jade, jadite or nephrite, for the most part, and often have eyes/faces at each corner. They are an early yin/yang symbol–square and circle, space and material form together. Each one is unique and their true use is still a mystery.

Dominic Fee

Dominic Fee is a visual artist and educator based in Cork, Ireland. His artworks are often developed in collaborative situations, and comprise printmaking, mixed-media sculpture, moving image and site-specific installation.

“An invitation to invent, construct and collaborate”, “FORMative” was a workshop for young people which I ran in August 2019 for one week as part of the “Seen and Heard Playspace” in the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork. The project was developed and facilitated in collaboration with Cork Printmakers.